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100 u/mL - 10 mL $13.00 per ml
Lantus 100 u/mLRx

100 u/mL - 10 mL $14.83 per ml

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Lantus Generic 100 u/mL

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Discount Lantus is a medication that requires a prescription in all of the countries in our pharmacy network. We advise all customers to stay away from websites offering Lantus without a prescription as this is a dangerous way to try and find discount Lantus . This tells you that you can buy cheap Lantus safely and securely from CanAmerica Global.


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Lantus is a medication that requires a prescription. The pharmacies cannot fill an order for this product without a prescription. When you buy Lantus online with us you should fax your prescription Toll Free to 1-866-548-8621.


All brand Lantus we sell is BRAND Lantus . The medications CanAmerica Global sells are listed together with their generic equivalents in each country it is available. However there can be superficial differences in appearance and packaging from country to country. Drugs are made for the specific market that they will be sold in, so a pill might be colored pink for the US, and purple for New Zealand, round in Canada, but oval in India, a capsule in the UK but a tablet in Australia. Sometimes they may even be sold under a different trade name. But these are the Brand name medications, straight from the manufacturer. You can buy with absolute confidence that the medications you buy from us are genuine and manufactured to the same high standards as those available at your local pharmacy.

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