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  Amazing service and staff. Always reliable, easy to use. Savings are unbeatable.
K. Zaranski (verified customer) on Aug 05, 2017

  very good service
C. Dinning (verified customer) on Aug 03, 2017

  Have been a customer for many, many years and have always been very pleased with your service. My only complaint is that at the present time you are not accepting credit card and for me its an inconvenience. Hope this will be fixed sooner than later. I always speak with Sherry and she is a darling. Keep the good work.
C. Pedreira (verified customer) on Aug 01, 2017

  Sherri is the friendliest, most knowledgeable person I have dealt with! Low prices are the main key to my dealing with youl
C. Miller (verified customer) on Jul 26, 2017

  Friendly customer service. They have followed up when necessary.
S. Kemper (verified customer) on Jul 23, 2017

  Saved me tons of $$s
R. Curry (verified customer) on Jul 22, 2017

  the people I spoke with were friendly, knowledgeable,helpful and above all assisting .
H. Oxer (verified customer) on Jul 20, 2017

  Can America Global is so professional and economical I refer many people to their company. And the added bonus is how helpful and kind the staff are. Always willing to help and find the best solution for their clients.
K. Zaranski (verified customer) on Jul 18, 2017

  Price is reasonable and the associate was very patient.
E. Carrera (verified customer) on Jul 18, 2017

  friendly staff and great prices, delivery of orders is much better than i expected.
C. Dinning (verified customer) on Jul 16, 2017

  Staff, price ,delivery all good. Payment could be better. Prepayment bothersome and time consuming. Go back to credit card on file to facility ording
I. Hirsch C/O Rockwell (verified customer) on Jul 15, 2017

  The staff is very friendly and always able to answer my questions. My orders always ship on time and arrive as expected.
N. Ironside (verified customer) on Jul 15, 2017

  This is an awesome online option. Someone is always available to answer all your questions. The choice are immense and the prices are fantastic!
C. Low (verified customer) on Jul 13, 2017

  I have ordered from CanAmericaGlobal for over 8 years with huge success! Their reps are extremely helpful and if they don't know the answer, they will find out and get back to you! It's a tremendous resource!
C. Low (verified customer) on Jul 13, 2017

  Staff is very courteous. Pricing is very good.
D. Rossi (verified customer) on Jul 13, 2017

  This was a VERY easy call. Your agent knew the medications I order from you. It was easy to select the correct med from the list I was provided. Since I am in the US, I needed to send a check. Your agent was prompt and clear with the address to which the check needed to be sent and provided an estimated delivery date on the requested order
J. Shirey (verified customer) on Jul 13, 2017

  Great staff, no wait time and my order is always correct.
A. Lech (verified customer) on Jul 07, 2017

  Representative was courteous and efficient. Received merchandise on time as promised.
D. Rossi (verified customer) on Jul 06, 2017

  Your staff is always friendly and helpful. Recommend you to everyone.
N. Innes (verified customer) on Jun 29, 2017

  Very grateful for you guys.
S. Dickson (verified customer) on Jun 29, 2017

  Easy steps to order, pay, etc
R. Curry (verified customer) on Jun 29, 2017

  Very friendly and helpful service. Quick delivery.
M. Shepard (verified customer) on Jun 27, 2017

  Always very pleasant and helpful
B. Cohen (verified customer) on Jun 27, 2017

  Staff is friendly and helpful.
L. Wengryn (verified customer) on Jun 26, 2017

  Service was quick and the process was very easy to use.
W. Davis (verified customer) on Jun 26, 2017

  I have been doing business with you for many years and recommended you to other people. This statement describes my experience .
H. Oxer (verified customer) on Jun 24, 2017

  Easy and efficient.
A. Lech (verified customer) on Jun 21, 2017

  No order quickly. Wish we could use a credit card, though, without a penalty.
N. Breitzmann (verified customer) on Jun 15, 2017

  Very friendly staff and fast delivery! Reasonable prices!
K. Montgomery (verified customer) on Jun 15, 2017

  Love the ease of ordering great priced drugs !!!Delivery is fast. Discrete packaging !
J. LOVEJOY (verified customer) on Jun 13, 2017

  I have always had friendly and professional service. I have been using CanAmerica for many years!
D. Miller (verified customer) on Jun 13, 2017

  The process was very simple. I mailed a copy of the script from my physician along with my check and the order was received within two weeks.
L. McCall (verified customer) on Jun 12, 2017

  The people I speak with are always nice and courteous and the delivery time is very fast
M. Schmittle (verified customer) on Jun 11, 2017

  Everything went well as usual .It seems you had my asmanex in canada so I hope to get it soon.Price makes it worth it to mess around with money order etc. I need more envelopes to mail in please!
E. Thom (verified customer) on Jun 11, 2017

  I have been with Can America Global for years. A local doctor gave me the information about the savings I would get in Canada. I now pay 1/3 what my meds would cost me in the United States. Fantastic! Their service is prompt and reliable. What more can one want?
J. Blaufox (verified customer) on Jun 10, 2017

  I find Can America easy to use and have received large discounts over by own insurance covered prescriptions. I saved around $8.00 per pill on one drug. How can I not use CanAmerican based on these results
H. Sarah (verified customer) on Jun 08, 2017

  Your service was for my prescription was very good. Ther order was processed timely and delivered as promised.
W. Davis (verified customer) on Jun 08, 2017

  I have found ordering to be very simple and the shipping is always fine and I schedule my purchase so that they get here in time. Never has an item been lost in transit. The quality of product and pricing are unbeatable.
R. Franklin (verified customer) on Jun 08, 2017

  My order always goes thru. The people who help me are very informative and friendly and efficient. Thank you
S. Scotland (verified customer) on Jun 06, 2017

  The staff has always been quite helpful in both placing orders and helping track them when necessary. I am quite pleased that the orders no longer have to be signed for thus saving me a trip to the post office. Keep up the good work.
N. Ironside (verified customer) on Jun 06, 2017

  Very good service and extremely helpful when given questions. Good listening skills.
M. Gonzalez (verified customer) on Jun 05, 2017

  great phone communication. Reliable, easy to deal with. price can't be beat on most items.
B. Kramer (verified customer) on Jun 05, 2017

  Excellent service, high quality drugs and good prices!
L. Bachmann (verified customer) on Jun 04, 2017

  Good execution and results
A. Almeida (verified customer) on Jun 03, 2017

  Wish the shipping time was a lot shorter.
D. Mayo-Connors (verified customer) on Jun 01, 2017

  The person that handled processing my prescription was professional and courteous.
G. Schorr (verified customer) on May 31, 2017

  Experience with Canamerica has been very good.
J. Sheffield (verified customer) on May 30, 2017

  Once we got the check in the mail, the process went quickly. Wish we could use a credit card. Friendly staff.
N. Breitzmann (verified customer) on May 28, 2017

  Everyone I deal with is nice and makes sure they help with any questions I might have.
R. Reaves (Phillips) (verified customer) on May 28, 2017

  CanAmerica is great. Wonderful customer service, easy to order or reorder, and orders arrive in a very timely manner.
J. Dixon (verified customer) on May 28, 2017

  Good fair price and fast service
A. Coombs (verified customer) on May 26, 2017

  Service and delivery great. Prefer being able to use credit card, though, instead of mailing check.
M. GRANGIER (verified customer) on May 25, 2017

  wish you could do credit cards. Please deposit checks sooner as I had to keep making sure I had enough money in account to cover it. otherwise service great
R. Kaneen (verified customer) on May 25, 2017

  The order was shipped promptly after receiving the script and my personal check. The medication is identical to what I was receiving in the U.S.
L. McCall (verified customer) on May 25, 2017

  Sherri is one of the most efficient, nicest people I have ever dealt with. She always is pleasant and courteous - thanks for having people like her available!!
C. Miller (verified customer) on May 24, 2017

  You all have been a lifesaver to me on my Cosopt
K. Patterson (verified customer) on May 24, 2017

  I have ordered from CanAmerica twice now and will continue to order my asthma medicines from them. I order a 3 month supply of two Asthma maintenance medications, and the expiration date on one product received is only about 5 months out - so I have to be careful how much I order ahead. This happens with one medication, but not with the other. The savings are well worth the extra care to order. I am very happy
S. Volp (verified customer) on May 23, 2017

  I was a bit confused at how to pay and how payment would be matched up with my order. However, I did a chat with someone there who explained the process to me. I did receive my order and love the price.
B. Hampton (verified customer) on May 23, 2017

B. Nilssen (verified customer) on May 21, 2017

  Excellent service with very nice staff!
L. Kutun (verified customer) on May 21, 2017

  I have always had very good customer service from Canamerica and the savings for my medication are substantial. Quality is first class.
R. Franklin (verified customer) on May 19, 2017

  Ordering was quick and efficient. I would prefer to be able to use my credit card to order my prescription, rather than having to send a check. Prices are in line with other similar businesses.
K. Vieni (verified customer) on May 17, 2017

  The reminder call was very useful and I did need to renew my prescription.
B. Kramer (verified customer) on May 17, 2017

  I've been ordering from Canamerica Global for many years--always get kind servie on the phone, but am always understanding that the delivery takes awhile coming all the way from Canada with a different postal system. The good prices are worth it and often a discount now to using their mailing envelope.
B. Foote (verified customer) on May 12, 2017

  Very easy, customer service is excellent, delivery usually before time stated, and package is tracked. Thank you
J. Dixon (verified customer) on May 10, 2017

  Things are good-EXCEPT it was so much easier just charging to my credit card THAN having to send a check. But since I don't like surcharges I guess I will send the check......
G. Levitan (verified customer) on May 10, 2017

  The staff is always friendly and quick to answer any questions. My last order even arrived two days earlier than I expected.
N. Ironside (verified customer) on May 09, 2017

  good service and good price.
C. Dinning (verified customer) on May 09, 2017

  Easy and good execution of the order
A. Almeida (verified customer) on May 09, 2017

  very pleased with the process. very professional and timely service
B. Wirth (verified customer) on May 06, 2017

  Once started, everything went well. Got the goods yesterday, week before promised..
A. Lovy (verified customer) on May 06, 2017

  I appreciate being able to order product from your company. I was not able to get it from my insurance company in America due to the high cost so much Dr. showed me how to order it through your company in Canada at half the price I would have to pay in America. Thank you very much
K. Hanie (verified customer) on May 04, 2017

  Very prompt, courteous, professional experience
C. Stamps (verified customer) on May 03, 2017

  I am pleased with the service of Canamerica for my drugs. The prices are better than here locally. I would like to be able to combine 2 prescriptions and save shipping on one of them. My only suggestion!
E. Thom (verified customer) on Apr 30, 2017

  Ordering was easy and pricing good. Use this service with one of my expensive drugs to avoid going in the Medicare gap.
C. Law (verified customer) on Apr 30, 2017

  received helpful advice and efficient ordering...
A. Goldberg (verified customer) on Apr 30, 2017

  Easy, friendly, straight forward. Top brands at great prices!
Z. Leach (verified customer) on Apr 25, 2017

  The order system if very easy and accommodating and the service is literally a God-send.
C. Beasley (verified customer) on Apr 25, 2017

  When I called to ask questions they were very helpful with the answers. And it came very quickly through the mail.
E. Troyer (verified customer) on Apr 24, 2017

  The staff has always been professional in helping me.
G. Schorr (verified customer) on Apr 24, 2017

  I have been very pleased with the services I've received for many years and have referred many people to Canamerica. That being said, I am extremely disappointed that I can no longer use my credit card to pay. Also, I'm upset that there is now a $15 charge for shipping of EACH ITEM. It was $10 previously.
M. Segel (verified customer) on Apr 23, 2017

  Calling in to refill the prescription was very easy. Your people are well trained. They speak perfect English and there was a short (less than one minute) wait time before reaching your Customer Service Representative. The points I've just covered are the three items I most often find to be a BIG problem in placing an order for ANYTHING by phone. In all three you were GREAT. Your feedback in keeping me posted by e-mail is fantastic you are an easy FIVE STAR provider
J. Shirey (verified customer) on Apr 23, 2017

  less price than USA helps my budget.
L. Marvin (verified customer) on Apr 22, 2017

  Friendly service, quick delivery of product, an easy and pleasant experience!
A. Jakiela (verified customer) on Apr 19, 2017

  I like the price of the product and the ease of ordering the product thank you so much for the availability of buying the product from your company
K. Hanie (verified customer) on Apr 19, 2017

  I was very happy with my experience of ordering my prescriptions. The person who assisted me was very helpful and courteous.
B. Cohen (verified customer) on Apr 17, 2017

  Very nice people to order from. Much better prices then my local prices.
N. Innes (verified customer) on Apr 14, 2017

  Friendly staff who are eager to help. But I get calls to reorder when I've already placed my refill and its shipped. Please be careful with automated calls.
S. Yee-Brown (verified customer) on Apr 12, 2017

  My experience with Canamerica has been pretty fair so far.The staff is friendly and professional and delivery is relatively soon. I would like to be able to combine two orders sometime and save shipping.just a suggestion!
E. Thom (verified customer) on Apr 12, 2017

  The staff was friendly and competent. I just received the order but it came out of South Africa so the time was reasonable; the price was much better than I can get through the insurance company.
J. Honeycutt (verified customer) on Apr 11, 2017

  Very easy to order and the product was as expected! Excellent pricing too!
D. Rawlings (verified customer) on Apr 10, 2017

  Service and telephone staff are very helpful and pleasant to deal with.
G. Tremblay (verified customer) on Apr 09, 2017

  Service is always great, especially Sherry!! Prompt and correct delivery.
M. Segel (verified customer) on Apr 09, 2017

  Very efficient, helpful customer service and alwas let me know when it is almost time to order again. Saves me a lot of money in the process. Thanks!
C. Tilley (verified customer) on Apr 09, 2017

  It was an overall excellent transaction. Everything went very well.
R. Cornelius (verified customer) on Apr 09, 2017

  The pricing is what is so attractive
D. Ecenbarger (verified customer) on Apr 05, 2017

  The staff were very professional and helpful in answering our questions. A positive experience.
C. Tomlinson (verified customer) on Apr 04, 2017

  easy peasy
A. Gehorsam (verified customer) on Apr 02, 2017

  The staff was friendly and efficient. The cost of my script is less than I can get it in the US using my insurance which is why I've ordered from Can America for at least ten years.
A. Lech (verified customer) on Mar 31, 2017

  Quick and friendly service, have used it for years, and it works well.
A. Jakiela (verified customer) on Mar 30, 2017

  It is convenient to order. I have grown to trust the process. It never let me down over the years.
J. Chu (verified customer) on Mar 30, 2017

  The customer service that I spoke to was very helpful. pleasant and gave me excellent service
B. Cohen (verified customer) on Mar 30, 2017


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