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The 13 most popular Skin medications are shown below:
Retin-A Vaniqa cream Sulfacet-R lotion
Vaniqa Penlac Nail Lacquer Derma Smoothe/ FS Liquid
Canthacur Wart Treatment Uremol 20 Cream Cortisporin
Canthacur-PS Solution Hydroquinone Cream Elidel
Cantharone plus
Our complete Skin medication offering is shown below:
Canthacur Wart Treatment Canthacur-PS Solution Cantharone plus
Cortisporin Derma Smoothe/ FS Liquid Elidel
Hydroquinone Cream Penlac Nail Lacquer Retin-A
Sulfacet-R lotion Uremol 20 Cream Vaniqa
Vaniqa cream
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Janet C.
Med: Premarin 1.25
It's just great, you guys seem to always bend over backwards for us. You're getting better and faster all the time, and I brag about you to everybody.
Jessica S.
Med: Nuvaring
Your service is fast, reliable and you ship my refrigerated product with an ice pack. Your Canadian pharmacy is very helpful.
Mary M.
Med: Spiriva - Lexapro
Very satisfactory product - very good prices and the service is excellent