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The 20 most popular Diabetes medications are shown below:
Galvus Actos Humalog KwikPen (prefilled)
Humulin 30/ 70 cartridge Nateglinide BD Ultrafine II Insulin Syringe (short) 30G 8mm 1cc
Avandamet Novolin ge Toronto Cartridges Glipizide XL
Novorapid Penfill Novorapid Vial Pioglitazone
Apidra Cartridge BD Ultrafine II Insulin Syringe (short) 30G 8mm 1/ 2cc One touch test strips
Glimepiride/ Metformin Acarbose BD Ultrafine III Pen Needles 31G 5mm
Trajenta Metformin
Our complete Diabetes medication offering is shown below:
Acarbose Accu-Chek Compact test strips Accu-Chek Softclix (Select) Lancets
Actos Amaryl Apidra Cartridge
Apidra Insulin Avandamet Avandia
BD Ultrafine II Insulin Syringe (short) 30G 8mm 1/ 2cc BD Ultrafine II Insulin Syringe (short) 30G 8mm 1cc BD Ultrafine II Insulin Syringe (short) 31G 8mm 3/ 10cc
BD Ultrafine III Pen Needles 31G 5mm BD Ultrafine Pen Needles 29G 12.7mm Chlorpropamide
Freestyle Blood Glucose test strips Galvus Glimepiride
Glimepiride/ Metformin Glimepiride/ Pioglitazone Glipizide
Glipizide XL Glucagon Gluconorm
Glucophage Glucophage XR Glucotrol XL
Glucovance Glumetza SR Glyburide
Humalog Humalog KwikPen (prefilled) Humalog Mix25 Cartridge
Humalog Mix50 Cartridge Humalog Mix50 KwikPen Humulin 30/ 70
Humulin 30/ 70 cartridge Humulin N Humulin N Cartridge
Humulin N KwikPen Humulin R Humulin-R Cartridge
Hyprin REGULAR Insulin Janumet Januvia
Lantus Lantus Solostar Pen Metformin
Metformin XL Metformin/ Glipizide Monoject insulin syringes
Nateglinide Novolin ge 30/ 70 Novolin ge NPH
Novolin ge NPH Cartridges Novolin ge Toronto Novolin ge Toronto Cartridges
Novomix 30 NovoPen 4 (Blue) NovoPen 4 (Silver)
Novorapid Penfill Novorapid Vial One touch test strips
One Touch Ultra test strips Onglyza Pioglitazone
Prandase Precision Plus test strips Repaglinide
Starlix Tolbutamide Trajenta
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Janet C.
Med: Premarin 1.25
It's just great, you guys seem to always bend over backwards for us. You're getting better and faster all the time, and I brag about you to everybody.
Jessica S.
Med: Nuvaring
Your service is fast, reliable and you ship my refrigerated product with an ice pack. Your Canadian pharmacy is very helpful.
Mary M.
Med: Spiriva - Lexapro
Very satisfactory product - very good prices and the service is excellent